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Photography has evolved into an art and therefore, the best photographers in the world are getting their due credit as well. If you look at the field of photography, there have been many experienced and veteran photographers who have contributed a lot to the field of photography and we would be speaking about such photographers today.

1. Mario Testino:
Mario Testino was a expert in fashion photography and had his work featured in the some of the most prestigious magazines in the industry like Vogue and Vanity fair. Mario Testino was born in 1954 in Peru but his country of work was London, which he made his home in 1976. Some of the characteristics of his photography are giving an exotic look to the subjects and styling the subjects for the photography session to perfection. Some photo shots which remain a testament to the skills of Mario Testino are his photoshoot with Madonna and the Late Princess Diana.

2. Steve Mccurry:
Steve Mccurry was a photographer of the same era as Mario Testino, born in 1950 in United States. One of the most popular photos taken by Steve Mccurry is known as the Afgan girl (named after the subject) and this appear in National geographic magazine. Steve Mccurry was a strong believer in candid photos, rather than making his subjects pose for photographs. This virtue in his photography made him so famous, as the subjects often forgot that they were being captured for stills and inside just behaved normally which often captured the innocence of the subjects in his photographs.

3. Timothy Hogan:
Timothy Hogan has spent his life capturing luxurious goods and luxurious life. His work has garnered a lot of awards for him all over the world. Timothy Hogan often captures lifeless still objects but with the help of modern and old architecture often gives them a entirely new look and turning them from normal day to day objects into art masterpieces. If you look at some of the famous masterpieces of Timothy you would realize that they are just normal objects which we use on a day to day basis and wouldn’t even give a second glance normally, but Mr. Timothy has turned into world class master pieces.

If you are a amatuer in photography and want to learn from some of the most famous photographers, then you can surely start by studying the work of these 3 famous photographers which would help you in adding a whole new dimensions to your photographic skills and would help you to excel in the musical industry.

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