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Most of the photographers find it really exciting to capture new and distinct subjects on each and every trip and therefore, when you ask most of the photographers about their favourite type of photography they would most likely tell you that their favourite type of photography is travel photography but it is certainly not an easy task to capture great shorts each and every time and that is why we would be discussing some of the travel photography tips which you should always know about.

  1. Golden hours:

Rather than waking up late to capture your subject you have to be ready before dawn to capture the subject in the golden hours which are 1 hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset. This ensures that in most of the cases you do not have the need of any extra lights and you would be able to capture the subject in its beautiful natural form. Also, when you are waking up pre-dawn you can be sure that you would be able to beat most of the tourist rush quite easily as well.

  1. Do your homework:

Instead of reaching the destination and then trying to discover what your subjects are, you have to ensure that before you even begin your journey you are making a list of your subjects and you are able to look into the location of those subjects with respect to location of the sun at a particular time and with respect to your place of stay as well. This would keep you organized and would ensure that you are having abundant sunlight whenever you are planning to capture the subject.

  1. Know the basics:

Instead of experimenting with the basics and learning the basics on your trip like operating the camera or adjusting the lens, it is important that you master all of these in advance and when you are starting on your quest of travel photography you should be well versed with the basics to ensure that you are working like a true professional.

  1. Knowing where to stay:

You have to be ideally located as close to the subject as possible. Sometimes choosing the right accommodation itself can give you some quite scenic pictures of the place and therefore it is important to choose your accommodation quite carefully as well.

So, when you are planning a travel photography trip, these are the tips which you have to keep in mind before heading out on your journey.


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