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Even an entry level Canon DSLR has to be able to excel in performance in so many ways. It has to surpass the current market for beginner DSLRs in image quality, low noise, and wide dynamics. Overall, an entrant in the basic range, the camera should be easy enough for first-time users and even come with manual controls so that they can gradually hone their skills in photography. To top it all, it has to be affordable.

Things to consider: The checklist

Firstly, a beginner camera for a portrait photographer isn’t quite the best choice for someone into sports photography. You see, cameras too, aren’t one-size-fits-all! Also, you need to be able to use that camera creatively. For a beginner, to learn how to use a camera, you must at first understand how to choose a camera!

Sensor size and design

Look for DSLRs that have a larger sensor for a higher resolution. Such a feature will be able to better handle low light scenarios. With a larger sensor you can also get softer, out-of-touch backgrounds. The APS-C sensor size is usually the most preferred for new photographers to work with. As much as the sensor size is important, so is its design.

Megapixel counts

A higher megapixel camera doesn’t mean better quality images. More megapixel can mean more prone to noise, but most beginner cameras provide excellent noise reduction and still have higher megapixel counts. Also, it means bigger files, and flexible processing too.

Camera speed

High speed cameras obviously capture images and expressions much better. A good indication of the speed of a camera is by counting its burst speed, i.e. the number of clicks it can take per second. Usually most DSLRs have a burst speed of 5fps. More the speed of a camera, more likely it is to take the perfect shot at the right moment.

Here are the three-entry level Canon cameras that pack most of the top features that is ideal for beginners:


Canon EOS 700D Rebel T5i
Canon EOS 700D Rebel T5i


DSLR CANON CAMERA 1: Canon EOS 700D/Rebel T5i

Rebel T5i is your perfect leap into the DSLR world. Although, this Canon product isn’t the newest member of the line, but if you’re looking for good image quality and a great body design, then this one is just as up-to-date as ever!

An 18 Megapixel sensor and a 3-inch display is a terrific option for beginners. Given its stunning price, the Rebel T5i is also the most affordable DSLR option for new photographers.


Canon EOS 100D Rebel SL1
Canon EOS 100D Rebel SL1


DSLR CANON CAMERA 2: Canon EOS 100D/ Rebel SL1

Rebel SL1 also happens to be one of the smallest DSLRs that comes with a comfortable grip. The compact camera system has a APS-C sensor of 18-Megapixel resolution and is an ideal carry for travels who prefer to keep things lightweight and yet enjoy the features of a great lens.

The camera is highly affordable and produces very good results based on the standards for a starting photographer.


Canon EOS 750D Rebel T6i
Canon EOS 750D Rebel T6i


DSLR CANON CAMERA 3: Canon EOS 750D/Rebel T6i

When it comes to image quality, beginners in photography can consider this as a long term investment. The 24.2-Megapizel sensor captures exceptional quality images. In fact, if you’re willing to spend a little more on the lens, you’ll certainly be up for a treat!

For a camera that has just been launched recently, buyers get the Wi-Fi and NFC pairing as part of the many top quality features of the product.

There’s also this touch sensitive screen that makes it an overall one of the best choices in beginner photography cameras.

Once you decide on the DSLR camera you want to start out with, there are more choices to make. Meanwhile, these are the most promising new buys for the photography explorer and is an inexpensive way to get started.

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