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Photography Equipment Maintenance and Repairing Overview

Photographers know that taking that ‘one shot’ is not an easy task. It requires a creative mind to make that happen. However, what if the photographer is doing great, but the photography equipment is not working well? Of course, it wouldn’t go too smooth.

If your digital camera malfunction and the problem is complicated, You can always go straight to a camera service shop. When i was in sydney australia, i went and see a good technician, I was in australia for 1 month. It took him 1 week to fix my camera problem due to parts waiting time. But all and all, i had a pleasant experience and recommends him for any of your sony gadget to get restored in that part of the world.

Anyway, You need to maintain and repair your photography equipment to get the best out of your experience and your profession.

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What Do We Mean by Photography Equipment?

When we say photography equipment, we mean other equipment besides your standard or basic camera.
Here is a list below. You can add more to this list. It really depends on what you want to do.

* DSLR camera and lenses – See Top 3 DSLR Canon Cameras

* The means of carrying camera gear

* Camera strap

* Tripod and ball head

* Hoodman loupe

* Lens filters

* Diffuser and reflector kit

* Exposure meter

* External flash units

Photography Equipment Maintenance

If you want your photography equipment in perfect shape you need to look after it and maintain as you see fit.

The first thing in maintenance is cleaning. Even when your photography equipment is not having any problem, you need to keep it clean. This seems simple, but it is not. Because, when a thing is new, it gets cleaned multiple times a day, but when it gets old, the frequency of cleaning also starts getting low. This attitude affects the equipment and it can result in a bigger issue. So, better safe than sorry!

DSLR Camera Cleaning

Being the most important part of the photography equipment, your DSLR camera should be cleaned when necessary. It’s good to take a sample picture before cleaning so that you can compare it with the one you take after cleaning the camera. You can choose white walls or clear blue sky for the picture.

* Lenses

For cleaning lenses, use a tissue paper of fine quality and alcohol solutions, which are specifically made for this purpose. Also, use a blower brush for cleaning front and rear elements. You can also use the brush for removing dust from the moving parts of the external barrel.

* Camera Sensor

First, go to the camera settings and look for “mirror lockup” or “sensor cleaning”, there may be extra guidelines there for you to lock the mirror. When you have locked mirror, then remove the lens and you’ll be able to see the sensor.

Now, hold the camera facing down and use a blower to blow-off dust from it. After that, use a DSLR sensor cleaning brush for removing dust.

Cleaning a sensor is a little tricky part, so you must be careful. If you don’t think you can do it, then use the services of professional photography equipment cleaners.

Photography Equipment Repairing

Every once in a while you will face a situation when your photography equipment, especially your camera, is out of order. You need to repair it to resume its use. It’s not recommended to repair the camera yourself because it is too technical. You can always research on how to fix anything. But if you would rather have a professional do it for you, like if you love Nikon equipments and have everything in nikon, you can go directly to Nikon Service and Repairs at Nikon Support; You can also take them to independent shops such as Heartland Camera Repairs in Perth.

Broken zoom lens, in a way, that it is popped out of alignment, is the most common camera problems people face. Other common reasons you may end up in a photography equipment repairing shop are – cracked LCD screen, broken battery covers, zoom operation going haywire, malfunctioning lens and autofocus issues.

So, keep your photography equipment clean and in a great shape. However, when you face any issue, contact a professional photography equipment service for the best results.


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