Wildlife Photography Tours and Workshops

Dear f/32 Photography Club,

I am a professional wildlife photographer and I run a few wildlife
photography tours and workshops every year. I am writing to you today
because I am hoping to introduce myself and my tours to your club and
am wondering if you might be willing to forward my tour information to
your club members. I support a lot of camera clubs here in my local
area, but am hoping to reach out to some other camera clubs in areas
too far for me to physically reach!

Professional wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas leads tours for
small groups of 4-10 people, offering some of the world’s best photo
opportunities in the best locations. Tours are comfortable, fun,
educational, and suitable for all levels of photographic experience.
Each tour itinerary is uniquely designed to maximize the photographic
potential of the location and the animal subject. Suzi’s tours
recently received rave reviews in Photo Travel Review Magazine:

About Suzi Eszterhas:

Wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas spends nine months of the year
shooting a wide variety of wildlife in the field. Her photographs have
been published in books, magazines and newspapers all over the world,
including, Smithsonian, Audubon, BBC Wildlife, Scientific American,
GEO, National Geographic Kids, Ranger Rick and more. Most recently,
her iconic picture of an Adelie penguin was featured on the front
cover of TIME Magazine. A Fellow of the International League of
Conservation Photographers, she has also won awards in the prestigious
Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition and National Wildlife
Photo Contest, and was awarded Ranger Rick Photographer of the Year in
2008. Although Suzi works primarily in Africa, she has undertaken
commissions and led instructional photography tours and workshops
everywhere from Antarctica and the Arctic to Alaska and Montana.


Mountain Gorilla Photo Safari: August 13- 22, 2011
•       Visit the best place in the world to photograph mountain gorillas
up close.
•       As a tour designed for photographers, we’ll have FIVE gorilla
treks to maximize our photo opportunities and chances of good light
(most tours only offer two treks).
•       We’ll use porters to carry our gear, making the treks much
easier and more pleasant.
•       Travel as a small group of photographers of all skill levels and
receive one-on-one instruction from professional wildlife photographer
Suzi Eszterhas. Suzi’s evening lectures and discussions cover
digital workflow, Photoshop, editing your best work and more.

Wildlife of Borneo Photo Safari: September 25 – October 12, 2011
•       We’ll photograph orangutans up close at world-renowned Camp
Leakey, including rehabilitated orangutans now living in the forest,
as well as truly wild ones. We’ll also have a very special
opportunity to visit a rehabilitation center for orphan orangutans.
This center is normally closed to the public and photography is
usually prohibited, but we’ll have exclusive permission to
photograph behind the scenes.
•       In addition, we’ll explore the wildlife rich region of Sabah.
Here, we’ll visit a special sanctuary to photograph habituated
proboscis monkeys, cruise rivers to photograph rare pygmy elephants,
and wander tree canopy walkways to photograph gibbons, wild
orangutans, leaf monkeys, flying squirrels, many gorgeous birds,
frogs, butterflies and much more.
•       Travel as a small group of photographers of all skill levels and
receive one-on-one instruction from professional wildlife photographer
Suzi Eszterhas. Suzi’s evening lectures and discussions cover
digital workflow, Photoshop, editing your best work and more.

Monterey Bay Private Workshops: Scheduled throughout 2011
• Suzi teaches all levels of nature photography, from absolute
beginner to serious advanced, in the Monterey Bay area. Here, Suzi’s
extensive knowledge of local wildlife populations yields rare
opportunities for world-class photography of sea otters, seals and sea
lions and a variety of gorgeous birds. These are one-day courses,
including lunch, for one or two people.


Wildlife of Costa Rica Photo Safari: February 13 -26, 2012
• This safari takes you to the best locations to photograph scarlet
macaws, toucans, parrots, four different species of monkeys,
three-toed sloths, coatis, tapirs, anteaters, several species of
brilliantly colored frogs, many gorgeous birds, and much more. The
group is limited to only six participants and includes exclusive use
of private bird blinds specifically constructed for photography.

Wildlife of India Photo Safari: April 2012
• Photograph the exotic wildlife of India on elephant-back and by
private jeep. This safari takes you to the best parks for
photographing wild tigers, Asian elephants, Indian rhinos, leopards,
water buffalo, swamp deer, chital, wild boars, langurs, macaques,
gibbons, monitor lizards, a variety of gorgeous birds, and more.

Madagascar Lemurs and Reptiles: October 2012
• Photograph some of the most unique and endangered wildlife in the
world as we explore the amazing country of Madagascar. The group will
photograph a variety of lemurs and reptiles, including ring-tailed
lemurs, aye-ayes, indri, sifakas, chameleons, geckos, and many more.



Suzi Eszterhas
+1 831 588-3505 (phone)
PO Box 10165, San Rafael, CA, 94912 USA